Interim management

Interim management

Exceptional situations often require special management skills. With its advisors and seniors advisors Deutsche Mittelstandsfinanz has seasoned experts at its disposal who based on their extensive experience serve as e. g. CEO, CRO, integration manager or functional specialist.

Crisis manager (CRO)

In addition to sound experience in restructuring and reorganization, crisis situations often require management capacities or skills which are only partially available within the company. The CRO assumes real management responsibility with full authority. He drives the restructuring, promptly enforces measures and is the primary point-of-contact for owners and the banks.

Integration manager

The number of corporate takeovers increases steadily, only the real integration during corporate takeovers ensures economic success.

The integration manager implements the required measures and ensures that the planned synergetic potentials are being raised. Particularly a tightly organized 100-day-program ensures quick wins. Additionally, as an experienced manager he shapes the corporate culture and takes employees and management along on the part of integration.