Enterprise value calculator

Enterprise value calculator 

"What purchase price can I obtain for my company?" or "What value does my company have for a potential buyer?" Many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs deal with these questions.

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An entrepreneurial life's work should pass into the right hands through a company succession – but at the same time, that work should also be honored with the best possible company purchase price.

For an initial indication of a realistic enterprise value for companies with sales that amount to €5 million or more, visit the free enterprise value calculator from Deutsche Mittelstandsfinanz. Using it takes just a few simple steps. And for the actual evaluation of a company, our consultants deploy an advanced version of this same enterprise value calculator to get more detailed and robust results.

A company valuation is an important initial step for a company sale. In practice, though, there is never just one correct, mathematically derivable purchase price for a company. A company is worth as much as potential buyers are willing to pay for it.

Therefore, it is important to identify suitable acquirers, to establish a competitive situation between them and to present the company professionally within the framework of a structured sales process. This is the added value that our consultants provide.

If you decide to let Deutsche Mittelstandsfinanz support you in connection with a company transaction, such as in the context of a company succession, you can come in with useful initial information at your disposal thanks to our enterprise value calculator, making you well prepared for a meeting with our experienced consultants.